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25 things to be grateful for


Numerous studies have shown that expressing gratitude on a regular basis will measurably improve happiness. When you start a practice of gratitude it can be hard to think of things to be grateful for. As with everything in life, the more you do it the easier it becomes. Here is a list of things you can be grateful for to help you get started. 

1. Health. If you are healthy, be grateful for that. If your health isn’t perfect, be grateful for the ailments you don’t have.

2. Hearing. Be grateful you still have your hearing.

3. Sight. Be grateful you can see.

4. Waking up. Be grateful you woke up today.

5. Healthcare. Be grateful you live somewhere with access to healthcare.

6. Children. Be grateful for your children.

7. Friends. Be grateful you have friends.

8. Parents. If your parents are still alive, be grateful for them.

9. Pets. If you have a pet, be grateful for the unconditional love they give you.

10. Weekends. If you get the weekend off, be grateful for that.

11. Money. If you can pay your bills, be grateful for that. If you are able to save money each month be grateful for that.

12. House. If you have a roof over your head be grateful for that.

13. Plumbing. Be grateful you have indoor plumbing.

14. Electricity. Be grateful you have power to your home.

15. Air conditioning. If you live somewhere hot be grateful you have air conditioning.

16. Heat. If you live somewhere cold be grateful you have heating.

17. Car. If you have a car, be grateful for having a means of transport.

18. Food. Be grateful you live somewhere with a plentiful supply of food.

19. Job. Even if you don’t always love your job, be grateful you have one.

20. Clothes. Be grateful for the clothes on your back.

21. Internet. Be grateful you have an internet connection.

22. Fresh air. Be grateful you live somewhere with no pollution.

23. Art. Be grateful for art and artists who enrich the world.

24. Holidays. Be grateful for extended time off.

25. Freedom of speech. Be grateful that you live somewhere that has freedom of speech.

There you go, 25 things to be grateful for. You will find that once you start expressing gratitude on a regular basis it will become easier and easier to find things to be grateful for. You will go from struggling to find one thing to be grateful for to having to pick from three or four. It’s a beautiful thing!